Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches are Inspirational and Empowering in style. The four keynote speech options have different messages to various audiences.  The length of speech can be altered according to the speech time available.Sarah Bateman Speaking

The Permission Slip

This speech explores the ways we limit ourselves because we fail to give ourselves the permission we need to reach out for a more fulfilling life. Usually we limit ourselves for someone else’s convenience.  We let our fears of how other people will judge us change our life’s coarse.  We fail to set needed boundaries to protect our time and ourselves. To avoid making mistakes we avoid important challenges. Many of us do not realize that beautiful, fulfilling lives are created where dreams and permission connect.  This speech examines why and in what ways we hold ourselves back because we forgot to give ourselves permission to truly live the lives we dream about.


Becoming Heard, Becoming Visible

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Think like a Work in Progress

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We all forget we are works in progress.

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