Emotional Linking

At Hollywood Studios I watched my five year old grandson fight Darth Vadar in front of hundreds of spectators.  He was able to do this because the cast guided him through several emotional states until he was bursting with pride and courage.  They took him from a frightened boy to a fierce warrior using emotional linking.

When he registered for Jedi training he took an oath to use the force only for good and to protect the universe from evil. This made him aware that he was about to embark on something important.

In the afternoon, his group gathered together on blue mats. Rules were established. They were called Jedi students. The environment was reminiscent of a school outing. A comfortable and familiar setting for the Jedi students.

A brown Padawan robe was given to each student.  They transformed from being individual children into a team. After donning their robes they paraded through the park behind the Grand Marshall who shouted, “Make way! Make way for the future of the Jedi!” When they arrived at the stage each child was given a lightsabor and taught a simple fighting sequence.  Then they witnessed the drama of Nedriss Nar, a Jedi apprentice who questioned her readiness to be a Jedi.  The children watched as she confronted her fears and defeated Darth Maul.

It was then the Jedi students’ turn to defend the universe as Darth Vadar strolled out of a clump of fog. The elder children fought Darth Vadar first.  The last to fight was my grandson. By then, he had watched eight other children fight and defeat Darth Vadar. This is the path my grandson walked from fear to courage in less than an hour.


During your speeches you will need to move your audience whether you would like to persuade them to a new perspective or inspire them to an action. Most people will not make a leap between contrasting emotions such as skepticism to enthusiasm.  They will need to be lead through a series of emotions such as skepticism to curiosity to acceptance and finally to enthusiasm. Use Emotional Linking to share your ideas and inspiration.

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